ERP Risk Advisors is pleased to provide our clients with unparalleled expertise with the following services:

Oracle E-Business Suite GRC Health Check
This Level I Assessment covers a broad array of best practices noted in the book Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Application Security Best
Practices written by Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA.
 Details can be found here.  Contact us for more information.

Oracle ERP Cloud GRC Health Check
Coming soon...

GRC Software Acquisition and Implementation Services for Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and PeopleSoft
  • Risk Management Cloud for ERP Cloud - including Financial Reporting Compliance (FRC), Advanced Access Controls (AAC), and Advanced
    Financial Controls (AFC) - strategic partnership for Oracle's ERP Cloud software
  • CaoSys - CS*Comply, CS*Audit, CS*Provisum (AAP), CS*Provisum (PAR), CS*License, CS*Lookback, CS*Rapid, CS*Impact - strategic
    partnership for Oracle's E-Business Suite software
  • Advanced Controls – Advanced Access Controls Governor (AACG), Configuration Controls Governor (CCG), Preventive Controls Governor
    (PCG), Transaction Controls Governor (TCG) for Oracle’s E-Business Suite software
  • Sentinel Software / Smart ERP – Security automation, security migration, advanced audit trail development, data protection, SoD and sensitive
    access monitoring for Oracle’s PeopleSoft software
•        Request for Proposal / Request for Information development
  • Request for Proposal / Request for Information
  • SOD / sensitive access risk monitoring and remediation
  • Industry leading  SoD / sensitive access rule set
  • Advanced audit trail development – trigger / logs
  • User and role re-certification / access reviews
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Sensitive data monitoring and protection

We are partners with various industry leading software providers.  
Contact us for a list of software providers for E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and

Application Security / Role Design Services for Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, or PeopleSoft
  • Upgrade security – application security and role design as part of upgrade
  • Implementation security – application security and role design as part of implementation

Managed Services for GRC software
Allow us to manage your GRC software providing the following services:
  • Rule development and upgrades - SoD and Sensitive access rules
  • CaoSys GRC administration for E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Advanced Controls Suite - AACG and CCG administration for E-Business Suite
  • Risk Management Cloud including Advanced Access Controls for ERP Cloud
  • Remote admin for GRC software that you choose.  Experienced with a variety of software for E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and PeopleSoft.
  • Generating reports for controls testing
  • Controls testing on behalf of management
  • Generating reports and facilitating re-certification of users and roles

Pre-Implementation Services
Project Audit Services – independent of Project Management Office
  • Implementation Audit
  • Upgrade Audit
Project Quality Assurance Services - integrated with Project Management Office
  • Implementation QA Service
  • Upgrade QA Service
Security Design Services
  • Upgrade security – application security only or full security
  • Implementation security – application security only or full security

Post-Implementation Services
  • Change management process design
  • Control design review
  • Control operating effectiveness audit or review

Assessment Services – Pre- or Post-Implementation
  • Application security design review – implementation or upgrade
  • Segregation of duties design review – implementation or upgrade
  • Change management effectiveness – patch, configuration, security, development
  • Privileged user access monitoring
  • Program effectiveness review
  • Best practices assessment – compliance with Oracle’s published best practices for Securing your E-Business Suite
  • Sensitive data identification and classification

Training Services
Internal controls and security training for (CPE offered) for:
  • Internal audit
  • IT staff
  • Functional users
  • Combined teams

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